About David Chong


David Chong is a professional photographer, marketing expert and business coach base in Perth, Western Australia.

He started his photography business and has been successfully running it for 15 years, and through those years he has helped many of his assistants to make a living out of photography. He now specialise in strategic photography coaching and consultation, helping those who wants to make a living in photography .

He graduated from the University of Western Australia, majoring in Marketing and worked in the corporate world for 3 years before pursuing his dream to be a photographer. It took him about a year for the transition and continue to grow the business and live his dream.

Over the years, he enjoyed, experienced success and learned many areas of the photography industry. He also found that many who wish to pursue a career in photography were not adequately equiped in the main stream photography institutions and colleges resulting in many broken and unfulfilled dreams.

With his experience in the industry, he discovered the gaps that universities and colleges were not covering, topics and training that were crucial for photographers to survive in the industry and develop their careers.

This drove David to design tailored training, coaching and strategies using his many years of experience in the industry to bridge this gap and make those dreams a reality again.